About us

A bis Z consulting s.l.

A bis Z Consulting S.L. is a modern company with highest technical standards and a team of professional employees.

We dispose of the most modern working means and working methods (files, data bank, access to technical libraries).

We are experts in the area of tax consultation, accountancy and payroll accounting, subventions and social security assistance, plans of companies and real estate services.

Integral management of services

New conditions and law bases, the internationalisation of the market and the competition in the sector of service business require a major rapidity of management.

The modern dynamism requires professionalism in this unique and exclusive field.

Our motivation and our special knowledge help us to create a rapid and effective service of integral management. 

The treatment of all taxes and the legal adaptation of every company are the main focus of our everyday work. With the suitable specialist knowledge of the tax laws and our continual education we provide your tax returns efficiently and with legal guarantee.

We lead our accountancy and the accountancy of our customers on the base of the legal base and the accountancy principles which help us to provide annual accounts with a truthful result of the assets and the real financial situation of the companies.   

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